Stages are meant to allow your agents to track the progress with a lead in your pipeline. Stages can be set by:

  • Disposition in the Deal Whispertext

  • Managed on the Leads page

  • Synced via our Hubspot or Salesforce Integration.

Where can I manage Stages?

The 4 default stages are:

  • New

  • Not Interested

  • Interested

  • Follow Up

If you'd like to remove or add stages, go to your Account Settings. When adding a new Stage, you will be prompted to choose a Stage Name and choose a color.

How can my agents manage the Stage for a Lead?

There are two ways for your agents to change the stage of a lead.

1) Set a disposition within the Deal Whispertext

The Deal Whispertext is an automated message requesting a disposition to update the status of a lead.

To turn on the Deal Whispertext, head to the Team Settings and turn on the toggle for the Deal Whispertext. Once the toggle is on, a new set of fields will appear.

There will be a Deal Menu & Actions section where you can set the disposition for each number on the dialpad. From here you can set the disposition to correspond to a Stage you have created within the Account Settings.

2) Change the Stage on the Lead page

On the Leads page, find your lead, then click on the Manage button.

Under the Status label, you'll see a dropdown where your agent can change the Stage.

Remember to click the Update button to save any changes you've made to the lead.

3) Does my integration support syncing the Stages with my CRM?

Stages are only supported in CRMs which have a similar features. For now, Callingly can only sync the Stage via the Hubspot and Salesforce integration. However, we plan on rolling out this feature to sync with more CRMs in the future.

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