Callingly automatically connects to your Follow Up Boss account, allowing you to instantly trigger calls to your leads just by adding the right Tag.

In addition, Callingly will sync all of your calls to Follow Up Boss as well as Tags, Stages and the Lead Owner.

Step 1: Create a Follow Up Boss integration in Callingly

In the Callingly dashboard go to the Integrations page and click the "Connect" button next to the Follow Up Boss integration option.

Step 2. Copy-and-paste your Follow Up Boss API Key into the Integration

After you click the "Connect" button you will be shown a window where you can enter your Follow Up Boss API Key. Make sure to use the Follow Up Boss account owner's API key. A non-owner key will not work.

If you need help finding your Follow Up Boss API Key, you can follow these instructions in their Help Center.

Step 3. Click Install Integration

Once the API Key are set up you can click Install and Callingly will do the rest.

Step 4. Setup your Tags and other settings

Now that your integration is installed you can select a few options.

Under Team you can select which Team you would like the Leads from this integration to be assigned to. Remember, all of your call settings, routing and retries are set up on the Teams page.

Under Tag That Starts Call you can select which Tag, when applied to a person in Follow Up Boss, will trigger a call to them through Callingly.

Under Tag On Call you can select which will be applied to your person in Follow Up Boss after they were successfully called.

Finally, under Sync Lead Owner to FUB you can decide you want the Callingly Lead Owner synced over to Follow Up Boss when it is changed either manually, or automatically when an agent calls a lead for the first time.

After you make your selections, just hit "Save" and you're all set!

Starting Calls Automatically from FUB

To automatically call new leads as soon as they come into your Follow Up Boss account, we recommend that you create an Action Plan that tags leads with the Callingly tag and apply it to the Lead Flow for the lead source you want to call immediately.

To create an Action Plan in Follow Up Boss go to the Admin section and click on Action Plans. Then click on + Action Plan.

You can then create an Action Plan that runs immediately and adds the Callingly - Start Call tag to the lead similar to the screenshot below.

You can then add that Action Plan to the lead sources your want to automatically call, for example

Syncing Calls and Lead Owner

Callingly calls will automatically be synced over to the contact's activity in Follow Up Boss and also will be assigned to their Callingly lead owner.

In order to make sure the calls and leads are assigned to the right user in Follow Up Boss, you will have to go into each Agent's Callingly profile and select their Follow Up Boss User account.

To do this, go to Callingly's Agents page, click on the Edit button for the agent, and select the right user under the Follow Up Boss User field

Using FUB and Callingly with multiple teams

It is possible to have different teams in Callingly that call different leads in Follow Up Boss automatically. In order to do this, you will need to create multiple Follow Up Boss integrations in the Callingly Integrations page.

Simply click Connect next to the Follow Up Boss option on the left.

You can the customize each separate integration with a unique Tag That Starts Call and unique Team. You can then tag the leads in Follow Up Boss with the tag that corresponds to the team you want to call that lead.

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