In this article, we will explain terminologies for the call statuses you see on the dashboard.

Statuses from the Calls Page

On the Calls page of the dashboard, you can see the call history. The same information can also be found if you go to the Leads page and in manage, you can also find the same information.

Under the Recording & Status column, here are the following statuses the call may be marked as:

  • Skipped: Callingly didn't initiate the call with the lead at all. For example, if a lead was queued for a call, but was removed, Callingly marks that number as skipped.
  • Missed: No agents answered the call.
  • No Answer: The lead didn't pick up the call.
  • Offline: No agents were available at all due to scheduling.
  • Busy: All agents were busy and couldn't answer the call.

Statuses from the Agent Call History Page

On the Agents & Schedules page, when clicking on the ..., you can view the call history of the agent.

Here, you'll see a column for Agent Status. It's important to note that the status here is in the perspective of the agent.

  • Accepted: The call was completed by the agent.
  • Missed: The agent was called, but didn't pick up.
  • Skipped: If the team the agent belonged to was on Simultaneous calling OR had the same Round Robin priority as another agent, and another agent picked up the call before they did, then it will be marked as Skipped.
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