What are custom fields?

Custom fields allow you to give your agents even more information about a lead. In addition to the regular lead information fields such as email, company, you can define a new field for all your leads.

For example, if you have a real estate sales team, you can define a custom field to be the type of property the lead is interested in.

How can my agents use the custom field?

A custom field can be used by your agents to access more information about lead and give them better insights before they hop on a call with them.

Additionally, you can put a custom field in the whispertext so they can listen to lead information before they press "1" to connect with the lead.

Where do I start using custom fields?

To create a custom field, go into your Account Settings from the top right.

Then, scroll to the bottom where you'll find the Custom Field section.

When you click on "+ Custom Field", a panel will appear prompting you for the name of the custom field. Be descriptive since this is what your agents will see.

In our case, we'll be creating a custom field called "Property Type" as an example.

You'll see the name of the custom field you've put in and a Whispertext Keyword.

Name of the Custom Field

If you go to the Leads tab and click into "Manage" for a lead, you'll see your custom field.

You can populate the custom field manually or via an integration. Below, I'm going to point out two examples of how to populate your custom field.

Populating the custom field through Zapier

When feeding leads into Zapier, it's incredibly easy to set a custom field for them. Connect the Trigger app as usual. Then, when we choose Callingly as the app and an event, you can insert data into the new custom field you created.

In our case, we can see our new Property Type custom field in Zapier.

Then, complete the setup of the zap and that's it! Leads can now be fed into Callingly with information you've just defined in the custom field.

Populating the custom field through Hubspot

Even easier than Zapier, when connecting the native Hubspot integration with Callingly, you can find your custom field as one of the Lead Fields.

There are many other apps you can take advantage of custom fields for. We've only shown Zapier and Hubspot above.

Using the Custom Field in Whispertext

Whispertext allows your agent to hear lead information before connecting with the lead.

After you've created the custom field in the Account Settings, you'll notice a Whispertext Keyword column.

If you'd like to your agents to listen to the custom field in the whispertext, simply take the Whispertext Keyword, click to manage a team in the "Teams & Settings" tab, and paste the Keyword into the message.

In the image above, you'll see our custom field keyword {property-value} was pasted at the end of the message.

Once you're done, remember to hit "Save" at the bottom of the panel.

That's it! You've successfully set up a custom field within Callingly.

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