Callingly's desktop app allows your sales agents to receive calls from Callingly on their computer and be connected through to the lead without having to answer the call on their phone.

Setting up the Callingly Desktop App is straightforward.

Head here to download the desktop app for Windows or Mac:

Once you've downloaded it, here's a step by step on how to install and use the Desktop app on a Mac. If you'd rather watch a video, head here.

Step 1: Install the Callingly app and run the application, you'll be asked to log in using your Callingly credentials:

Step 2: The app will then ask you to verify your number. This would be the number assigned to your profile as an Agent on our platform.

If you're the account owner, you can find this here:

Step 3: Once your number has been verified, you'll now have access to the dialer interface which will indicate 'Waiting for lead...' until one is routed your way:

That's it! Now when a lead is passed through to you, you'll be able to view the lead's details and connect through to the lead right away by clicking Call:

While you're on a call, the app will display a traditional phone interface like below:

And when the call is complete, you can then indicate the result of the call:

Any questions? Shoot us a message via live-chat and we'll be happy to help!

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