The Callingly Agency account includes some additional features that help consultants and agencies manage and whitelabel Callingly for their customers.

If you're subscribed to the Agency plan, Callingly will have a "Clients" tab on the left panel.

Clicking into the Clients tab will bring you into a view to see your clients.

From here you can choose to:

  • Add a new client. You will manage your client's Callingly account

  • Edit an existing client

  • Login as the Client to manage their account

There is also a "Total Agents" at the bottom of the screenshot. This is the sum of all agents across your clients plus your own agents.

Once you log into a client account, you can proceed as normal and manage their Callingly activities.

If you'd like to step back into your account, you can click on the top-right menu and choose your account, or quickly navigate to another client's Callingly account.

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