Callingly automatically connects to your Facebook Lead Ads, allowing you to instantly trigger calls to your leads whenever a new lead submits their information on a Facebook Ad Form.

Below we'll go through an example of integrating a Facebook Lead Ad Form with Callingly.

Step 1: Connect your Facebook Lead Ad Form with Callingly

Head to your Callingly integrations page and find the Facebook Lead Ads native integration.

Hit Connect to begin setting up the integration.

Note: Make sure you're logged into your Facebook account so that when you're prompted to authorize, it's seamless.

Once you've hit Connect, you'll be prompted with an authorization window asking you to connect Callingly to your Facebook account. Click Continue to authorize the connection.

You'll now be returned back to your Callingly dashboard where you can complete configuring the integration:

Here, name your Integration and link it to the appropriate Facebook Page you're using to run your Ads. Then hit Install to complete the integration.

Step 2: Pick your relevant Facebook Ad Form

Now that the integration is complete, Callingly will open a window letting you configure the specifics of your integration:

Here, you'll want to pick the correct Lead Ads Form you'd like to trigger actions on Callingly.

If you have multiple forms, there's an option to let any Form associated with your Facebook page send new lead information to Callingly.

Hit Save and your Integration is ready to start accepting Leads from your Facebook Ad Forms.

Step 3: Send a test lead through to make sure everything works fine

It's good practice to give your integration a test. Facebook lets you do this by heading to their Lead Ads Testing Tool.

Here, select your relevant Facebook Page and Ad Form:

Then click Preview Form. Fill in some dummy details (make sure the same lead doesn't already exist in your Callingly system) and click Next to Submit.

You should be returned to a confirmation page showing the test has successfully been sent through to Callingly.

Now on Callingly, you should be prompted with a new inbound lead!

Voila! You're all set.

Now every time a new lead submits their details on your Facebook Ad Form. Facebook will send this lead's information to Callingly where it will trigger a call to your available sales agent letting them know a lead is ready to be called back.

Shoot us an email or message us on live-chat if there's another way you'd like Callingly used with Facebook and we'd be happy to guide you on how to set it up.

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