Callingly connects to your Facebook Ads account through Zapier, allowing you to automatically trigger calls through Callingly when a new lead provides contact information through your Facebook Ad. 

Important Note: If you're not sure how to use Callingly with Zapier, here's a required video to watch on how to set up integrations with Zapier before reading the steps below.

Zapier integration 101 video:  Video

To start using Callingly with Facebook Leads just follow these steps on your Zapier account:

1. Start by creating a new Zap on Zapier and adding Facebook Lead Ads as your trigger app and a new lead as your trigger event

2. Connect your existing Facebook Lead Ads account. Zapier will open a pop-up window and ask you to log in to your Facebook Ad account and authorize certain permissions.

3. You can then choose the specific Facebook Page and Facebook Ad Form you'd like to connect to Zapier and pull lead information from. 

Hit Continue and then Test & Continue to complete setting up your Trigger Zap.

4. We can now set up our Zapier Action event which will connect our Zapier Callingly app.

And specify the event we'd like to trigger in Callingly when a lead is captured from our Facebook Ad.

5. Ensure you're logged into you Callingly account in the same browser and add your Callingly account to Zapier. A pop-up window will appear and you'll automatically be connected to your Callingly account. 

6. You can now connect the captured lead data from your trigger event (Facebook Lead Ads) to specific inputs in Callingly. Most importantly ensure the phone number you capture is plugged in to the phone number field for Callingly.

7. Hit Continue and Test & Continue to check if the lead information was passed through into Callingly. You will see a notification appear in your Callingly account. 

That's it, save the zap you created and turn it on to automatically pass any new lead information to Callingly. 

If you run into any issues setting this up, don't hesitate to reach out to us via live-chat for help. 


When integrating Facebook Lead Ads with Callingly, each integration must correspond to one form (or all forms) or one page.

If you have multiple Facebook Lead Ad integrations with Callingly and leads are coming from the same Facebook page, you can route the data to different teams.

Callingly currently does not have a way to multi-select for a set of forms to route to a team. Instead, a team can capture data from all forms or one form.

If one team captures data from all forms and other teams capture data from one form. The team's that capture data from the one form will receive the information first. After all team's have been exhausted in passing in data, the team that captures data with "All Forms" will be the catch-all.

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