You can manage your teams and calls settings on the Teams page.

To create a new team, simply click on New Team.

The first step to setting up your team is selecting the agents that will be a part of it and the call routing type.

You can select the team through by clicking on the Agents button that corresponds to the team you'd like to edit. In the Agents view, you'll be able to select Simultaneous or Round Robin call routing.

On the Teams page, you'll also see a copy button. This will copy the team settings to a new team with the same agents and settings.

Call Routing within Teams

Simultaneous routing will ring the phone of all your available team members at the same time, with the first one to pick up receiving the lead.

Round robin will call them one at a time until one picks up.

All of the call settings are also configured per-team. These include:

  • Call recording - on or off

  • Whispertext - the message your agents will hear when they pick up the phone

  • Post Call Whispertext - the message your agents hear after the call

  • Deal Whispertext - If turned on and the agent has selected 1 in the post-call whispertext, it is the message prompting agents to label a contact

  • Call delay - how long to wait after a lead comes in before starting a call

  • Retry Agents - how many times and at what intervals to retry calling your agents if they do not pick up

  • Retry Leads - how many times and at what intervals to retry calling your leads if they do not pick up

  • Reschedule Calls If Team Offline - if turned on, Callingly will schedule a call with any leads that come in after hours for first thing in the morning

  • and more...

Head over to the Settings page to configure these settings.

Once you have your team created and configured, you're ready to use Callingly!

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