When you receive new leads, these are routed to your agents to ensure they can call the lead back. 

You can add and manage all your agents and their schedules on the Agents page.

To add a new Agent, simply click on New Agent and enter their name and phone number.

If you want the agent to be able to login to Callingly, see their leads and listen to call recordings click on Create Login and enter in an email address for the agent. They will receive a welcome email with a link to set their password.

Each agent in Callingly has their own schedule for when they are available to take calls. To edit the schedule for an agent, you can click on Schedule

You can enable and disable specific days of the week, set an agent to be on-call All Day or during specific periods of time. You can also have more than one on-call period for an agent during the day, for example if you'd like to have hours in the morning and then again in the afternoon.

Finally, each agent can be set to their own Timezone so that when they login call times will appear in their local time.

Agents can be organized into Teams to help customize call routing. Read more about setting up Teams here

As always, any questions we're here to help via live-chat or email!

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