The Calls page allows you to easily look through all of the Callingly calls made in your account, see the agents involved, view the result of the call and listen to recordings.

You are also able to see any scheduled upcoming calls as well as initiate or schedule new calls. 

Calls are shown by date, in the order that they were made. By default, you will see all of the calls that have been made in the last 30 days. To see calls for a specific period of time, click inside the Date Range selector and select the timeframe you would like to view.

Using the search bar, you are also able to search for a specific call by the name or phone number of the lead, during the selected time range.

To view the details of a specific call, you click View next to the call listing. You will be able to listen to the call recording, see the source of the lead, see which agents were called and which one picked up and took the call.

In addition, you are able to view and make Notes on the call.

Exporting Calls

From the calls page it is also possible to export a detailed Excel file containing a listing of all the calls for the selected time period as well as information about the lead, the agents that took the call and the result of the call.

To create an Export, simply select the date range that you would like and then click on the Export button in the top right.

Scheduling New Calls

You can create a new call to be started either immediately or scheduled for a specific time in the future by clicking on the Start Call or Schedule Call buttons in the top right corner. 

A call dialog will open that will allow you to enter in the Lead's basic information, select the time when you would like the call to be initiated and select the Agents that should be called.

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