The Leads page on the Dashboard lets you get a high-level overview of all the leads that have come in to your Callingly account, their current status and the results of any call that have been made to them.

On this page you will see the status of the lead, the result of any calls made to the lead, the response time measured for this lead, their name, phone number and date of creation.

Leads are shown by date, in the order that they were created. By default, you will see all of the Leads that have come in over the last 30 days. To see leads for a specific period of time, click inside the Date Range selector and select the timeframe you would like to view.

Using the search bar, you are also able to search for a specific lead by name, during the selected time range.

Status and Results

For each lead you will see one of the following Statuses:

  • Called

  • Not Called

  • Skipped

  • Waiting

  • Error

  • Not Interested

These indicate whether a lead has been called at least once, is currently waiting for a call, or for another reason is not scheduled to receive a call.

For each lead you will also see one of the following Results:

  • Contacted

  • Voicemail

  • Missed

  • Unknown

These indicate the result of the call received by the lead, based on the result of the post-whispertext menu. These results determine if the lead was successfully contacted or if there is another follow-up scheduled for this lead.

Managing Leads

Additionally, on this page you are able to manually create new leads by clicking on the New Lead button or editing the properties of an existing lead by clicking on Edit next to a lead.

You can also manually start or schedule a new call to a lead and put them in the general follow-up sequence by clicking on Call.

You can view more information about the lead by clicking on Details. This will include their Lead Owner, Team and any additional information that was submitted when the lead was created.

This screen will also show a listing of all of the calls made to the lead and any calls that are scheduled to be made.

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