One of Callingly's most powerful features is the ability to automatically retry calling both your agents and leads multiple times to make sure you always get your prospects on the phone.

Retry options and schedules are set per-team and can be edited on the Teams page. Simply click Edit on one of the teams and scroll down to the 2 sections: Retry Agents & Retry Leads.

Two Types of Retries

Callingly has two types of retries that you can set up on separate custom schedules: retries to your Agents in case they do not pick up the first time Callingly calls them and retries to your Leads in case an agent has picked up, calls them and they do not pick up. 

You can turn both kinds of retries on and off individually and also select up to 10 retries for each one with a custom wait time between each one.

For your Agents, we recommend 3-4 retries at short intervals, 5 minutes and 15 minutes.

For your Leads, we recommend 5-6 retries at longer intervals, starting at 30 minutes, then 1 hour, 3 hours and finally 1 day.

Remember, Lead retries will only be triggered if your agent marks the lead as "Missed" during the Post-Call Whispertext menu.

If you would like to activate Lead retries in other scenarios, please contact support.

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