One of the most important, and most flexible, features of Callingly is individual scheduling for each of your Agents which ensures that agents are only called when they are available to take calls and that every Lead is routed to an available agent at the right time.

Every Agent in Callingly has an individual schedule. When a Lead is routed to a Team, Callingly will automatically determine which of the agents on the team are currently set as Available and will route the lead to them.

To edit and agent's schedule, go to the Agents page and click on the Schedule button next to the agent. 

You can enable and disable specific days of the week, set an agent to be on-call All Day or during specific periods of time. You can also have more than one on-call period for an agent during the day, for example if you'd like to have hours in the morning and then again in the afternoon.

Finally, each agent can be set to their own Timezone so that when they login call times will appear in their local time.

Rescheduling Calls During Offline Hours

If a Lead comes in during a time when no Agents are set as available, you have the option to automatically schedule a call with that lead for the next available time slot.

Usually, this means that if a lead comes in during the middle of the night, a call with them will be scheduled for first thing in the morning. 

This setting is controlled per-team and to enable or disable this setting go the Teams page and click Edit on a team. Scroll down and select the Reschedule Calls If Team Offline option. 

If multiple leads come in during the same offline time, they will be scheduled to be called first thing in the morning at 15 minute intervals to ensure that you team does not get a large number of calls simultaneously.

If you want to modify this setting, please contact Support.

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