With Callingly, you can manage what Caller ID your leads see when they receive a call from your sales team.

By default, Callingly forwards your Agent's phone number as the Caller ID to the lead. This makes the experience for the lead very similar to the agent simply dialing them manually. If you'd like to keep this setting, there is no further configuration required.

You can manage the Caller ID that is showing to the leads for every team by clicking Edit on the Teams page and going to the drop-down titled "Lead-facing Caller ID".

This drop-down will contain all of the options you currently have to use for a Caller ID.

To manage which additional Caller IDs you can use for a team, go to the Caller IDs page in the nav menu.

Purchased Numbers

If you would like to purchase a new number to use as a Callingly outbound Caller ID or to receive Inbound calls that would then be forwarded to your team you can do that here.

Simply click on Purchase Number to get started.

Purchased Numbers cost $3 per month and are billing at the same time as your usual invoices.

You can currently purchase local numbers in 3 countries:

  1. United States

  2. Canada

  3. United Kingdom

If you are interested in toll-free or mobile numbers, or numbers in another country, please contact Support.

To purchase a number, give it a Name, select the country and optionally enter the Area Code you'd like for the number.

Then click on Get Number.

After you have purchased a number, you will see it in the Purchased Numbers list. You can click on Edit to configure the number.

From here, you can rename the number, toggle Call Screening, and manage your agents and call routing.

Finally, you can upload a Voicemail that will play to any callers who call while your agents are unavailable. 

Once you have purchased a number, you can use it as the Lead-facing Caller ID for any of your Teams.

Voicemail for Purchased Numbers

If an inbound call comes into your purchased number and your agents are unavailable, the lead can leave a voicemail that can be found on your dashboard.

Purchased Numbers for Non-Supported Countries

If you're country isn't supported by Callingly (see our Worldwide Availability), but you'd still like to use our service, there is one other option.

You may purchase a number from the Caller ID page, then make or receive calls using our Desktop app. This will allow you to operate Callingly from any country using your purchased number. Please note, this solution is only possible through the Desktop app and will not work using Callingly on the web browser. If you'd like to use Callingly on the browser, you will still require a valid phone number from a supported country.

Verified Numbers

If you already own and use an existing phone number (such as an office number) that you would like to use as the Lead-facing Caller ID for a team, you can Verify your ownership of the number here.

Remember, if you simply want leads to see your Agent's phone number as the Caller ID, there is no need to verify those numbers.

To Verify a new number, click on "Verify Number".

Give the number a Name and enter the Phone Number. Click "Setup Number" to add it to your list.

After the number is added, it will be in a Pending state until you are ready to receive a call and verify it. When you are ready click on the Verify button.

If the number you would like you verify is behind an IVR, you can enter an extension for the system to dial so that it can reach you directly. When you are ready for the call, press Start Call.

You will then see a code that you need to enter into the phone when you receive a call to the number.

After you have picked up the phone and entered the code, your number should be verified. Simply click Done and you should see the number verified in the list.

Now you can use that verified number as the Lead-facing Caller ID on your Teams.

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