The Callingly call routing options determine in what order and how quickly the agents on your Team receive calls when a new lead comes in.

The two main options for call routing are:

  1. Round Robin

  2. Simultaneous

If the team is set to Round Robin, Agents will be called one at a time for 30 seconds, in order of their Priority. If there are multiple agents with the same priority, they will be called in a random order every time.

Let's say there's the case where you have many agents and you delete one of them. At the moment, Callingly doesn't re-prioritze the agents (under the Agents and Schedule Time). As a result, you may end up with a situation like the image below:

Notice the Priority is 1, 3, and 4. If this happens and the agent with priority 1 is busy, then there will be a short delay, and then call will be routed to the next agent in priority.

If the team is set to Simultaneous, Agents will be called in Priority order, with all agents in the same priority group receiving the call at the same time. The first agent to pick up and press 1 to accept the lead will make the call and all other calls will be hung up.

Although Callingly tries to initiate Simultaneous calls to all team members at the same time, this isn't always possible due to telephony and cellular network delays. Therefore, some agents can receive calls a few seconds before others on Simultaneous setting.

In order to mitigate this problem, we have an algorithm in place to initiate calls at separate times to ring your agent's phones at the same time. However, there may be cases where your agents will be called at separate times with a few seconds delay. If this becomes a larger problem, please let us know on support and our engineering team can assist you.

You can edit the Call Routing selection for a team by clicking Edit on a team on the Teams page


The priority setting on an Agent determines in which order the agent will receive calls when a new lead is available. 

You can edit the Priority setting for an agent on the Agents page

Lead Owner Routing

The only exception to the typical routing pattern takes place if the Lead has a Lead Owner set. The Lead Owner can be set either when the lead is created or if the lead has previously spoken to an agent, that agent becomes the Lead Owner.

You can edit the Lead Owner Routing option on the Account Settings page, accessible from the dropdown in the top right of the navigation. 

The 3 options for Lead Owner Routing are:

  1. Call the Team in priority order

  2. Call the Lead Owner first, then the rest of the Team

  3. Only Call the Lead Owner

If you select Call the Team in priority order then the Lead owner will not receive the call first, but will be called in the standard order, based on their normal priority.

If you select Call the Lead Owner first, then the rest of the Team then the Lead Owner will be called first for the lead and only if they do not pick up will the rest of the team receive calls, in the regular priority order.

If you select Only Call the Lead Owner then only the Lead Owner will receive a call for the lead. If they do not pick up, the rest of the team will not be called and Callingly will retry calling the Lead Owner again based on the Lead Retry schedule.

What if I want the lead to call everybody, but there's no lead owner set?

You will want to put all your agents onto the Main Team. Callingly will call the Main Team if there's no lead owner set.

What if I don't have a lead owner set and don't have a main team?

If you don't have a main team and there's no lead owner, the lead will be skipped.

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