Whispertext is the message that your sales agents hear when they pick up a Callingly call. It's used to let them know the Lead's details and any other instructions (such as pressing 1 to start the call).

The Whispertext is configured for each team on the Teams page. Simply click Edit next to the team. Scroll down to the Whispertext field, update the text that will be read to your agents then scroll to the bottom and click Save.

Whispertext Variables

In order to customize the Whispertext message with the Lead's information, there are a number of variables you can use in the text that will be replaced with the Lead's details when it is read.

The available variables are as follows:


If you need additional Whispertext variables that do not fit into these categories, we allow custom variables as well. Please see our article here on how to create custom fields.

Whispertext Menu Options

Press 1: When your agent listens to the Whispertext and is ready to call the lead, they should press 1. 

Press 9: If the lead is not qualified, for whatever reason, the agent can also press 9 to reject the lead. The call will hang up and the lead will not be called again in the follow-up sequence.

Whispertext Language

Callingly supports having the Whispertext read in multiple languages to accommodate different regions and lead types.

You can customize the language each Team's Whispertext is read in the Team settings.

We currently support the following 6 languages:

  1. English

  2. Spanish

  3. French

  4. Italian

  5. German

  6. Dutch

If you require an additional language, please contact Support.

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