Callingly  connects to your Aircall account, allowing you to automatically trigger calls through your Aircall software when a new lead comes in and have the call results and recording sync back to Callingly.

Important Note: Callingly currently only works with the computer version of the Aircall app. It will not function with the Aircall phone app.

To start using Callingly with Aircall just follow these integration steps:

Step 1: Create an Aircall connection in Callingly

In the Callingly dashboard go to the Integrations page and click the "Connect" button next to the Aircall integration option. 

Step 2. Grant Callingly Access in Aircall

After you click the "Connect" button you will be taken to a screen in Aircall where you can authorize Callingly access to read and start calls.

Click on the "Authorize" button and Callingly will integrate with your Aircall account. You will then be taken back to the Callingly Integrations page.

Step 3. Configure which Numbers Callingly has access to in Aircall

In your Aircall Dashboard, go to the Integrations page and click on "Configure" next to the Callingly integration. 

There you can manage which of your Numbers are connected to Callingly. To add your numbers, click on the "Add or remove numbers" button and then the "Add an aircall number" button.

You can then select which numbers you'd like to use.

Step 4. Set up your Agents in Callingly

To properly receive and send calls through Aircall, each of your Agents in Callingly has to be configured with their Aircall Number and Aircall User. You can set up all your agents on the Agents page in the Dashboard.

The Phone Number for the agent should be an Aircall Number where they can receive incoming calls. And the Extension should be the user's extension in Aircall. This is always a 3-digit number, for example:

Please make sure that the Aircall Number you enter here is set up with a Welcome message in Aircall so that Callingly is able to dial the extension for each individual user.

Next, using the dropdown provided, select the Aircall User corresponding to the Callingly agent. Callingly will automatically trigger a call from this User's device throuh Aircall when they receive and acknowledge the new lead.

Step 5. Configure the outbound Aircall Number for your Callingly Teams

When you're setting up your Teams in Callingly, there is just one more Aircall setting to configure: the Aircall Number that the team will use to dial the outbound call, which will also be the Caller ID your Leads see calling them on the phone.

Step 6. Start making calls!

You should be all set with your Callingly & Aircall integration.

Now, when a new lead comes in to Callingly the following sequence will happen:

  1. Callingly will route the lead to a Team and start calling the Agents in the Team based on their settings and schedule.

  2. Each Agent will receive an inbound call on their Aircall number and extension.

  3. When they pick up, they will hear the Whispertext giving the Lead's information.

  4. To accept, they can Press 1.

  5. The inbound call with then hangup.

  6. An outbound call will immediately be triggered from the Aircall User that accepted the Lead to the lead's phone number.

  7. After the call is finished, the call details and recording will be synced to Callingly.

Step 7. (Optional) Schedule automatic retries if you do not reach the lead

Upon installation, Callingly will automatically add a "Retry" tag to your Aircall account. If one of your Agents calls a lead and is not able to reach them, they can tag the call with Retry and Callingly will schedule another call to the lead based on the Lead Retry schedule in the Team settings.

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