Callingly automatically connects to your HubSpot account, allowing you to instantly trigger calls to your leads using a Workflow in HubSpot and then have the call results and recording sync back to HubSpot. 

Step 1: Create a HubSpot connection in Callingly

In the Callingly dashboard go to the Integrations page and click the "Connect" button next to the HubSpot integration option. 

Step 2. Grant Callingly Access in HubSpot

After you click the "Connect" button you will be taken to a screen in HubSpot where you can grant Callingly access to HubSpot.

Click on the "Grant access" button and Callingly will integrate with your HubSpot account. You will then be taken back to the Callingly Integrations page.

Congrats! You're now ready to automatically start calling your leads.

Step 3. Create a HubSpot Workflow to Trigger calls

Callingly will let you create trigger calls from new Contacts, Deals, and Ticket workflows.

To do this, head to HubSpot and create a new workflow.

You can then assign the appropriate trigger to start the workflow, whether it's a form submission or even a Callingly missed call from a previous attempt at contacting the lead.

You can then set the Action event to occur in your HubSpot workflow. Here, you have the ability to select specific Callingly actions: Start Call, Stop Call, and Schedule Call.

If we use Start Call as an example, then you would select the Team on Callingly you'd like to route the lead to:

Hit Save, activate the workflow and you're set.

Step 4. Configure additional settings on Callingly

When you're back in Callingly, there's a few more settings you can configure. You can select whether Callingly should sync the lead owner and call results with HubSpot.

Simply click on the "Settings" button next to your HubSpot Integration in Callingly.

Your Integration settings will appear in a modal on the right side of the page and you can configure whether to sync results back to HubSpot. Here you can also assign a default team in case the teams assigned on HubSpot change. In such a case, the default team on Callingly is where leads will be routed to.

In the Lead Fields above, we have populated the default fields for you. However, if you have additional fields, please make sure to enter the name of the HubSpot field that corresponds to each of those Callingly fields.

Just hit "Save" when you're done and you're all set!

Please note, only completed calls are synced to Hubspot. If an agent doesn't pick up, it won't be synced. Also, a lead will be assigned an agent at the end of the call when the agent dispositions it as a live call.

Currently, if the agent does not disposition the call after successful contact with the lead, the lead will remain unassigned in Hubspot.

Where is the lead status synced in Hubspot?

You'll find the lead status and lead result synced to the contact's callingly_status and callingly_result fields in HubSpot.

Pro-tip: Route to Teams on Callingly based on the lead's information

If you wanted to route leads to specific teams based on the lead's information, then before using the Start Call Callingly action event, you can incorporate a if/then branch and then include Callingly Start Call action events.

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